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Dezhong Sha of Omaha, NE

About Dezhong Sha (Dezhong's biography):

 Dezhong Sha has no description for their public profile.  Are you Dezhong Sha of Omaha Nebraska?  If so, click here to create a MAEGIC member account so you can claim your profile via MAEGIC.  If you know Dezhong Sha, please let them know how they can help protect their identity and help contribute to economic stability by claiming their profile via MAEGIC!

Dezhong Sha's activity:

Dezhong Sha has no activity. If you happen to know Dezhong, please be sure to let them know about their profile here so they can take control of their identity.

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"Went here for dinner and drinks with some friends. It also happened to be Happy Hour so it was fairly busy. I ordered an appetizer and meal at 5:20... meanwhile the waitress had been over to the…"

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